Project Planing

Project planning means thinking through the future actions in the project, mentally "walking" the path between project definition and goal, and achieving the goal with the available means. Systematic and goal-oriented planning includes the following components:

Project Structure Plan

The project structure plan describes what needs to be done. It can be created object-related, function-oriented (activities) or mixed (object and functions). 

  • Does the processing of the work packages lead to the finished project?
  • Is each work package clearly defined in terms of service, deadline, and costs?
  • Can the work packages assigned to individual members of the team? 

Project Procedure Plan

The project procedure plan describes the order hot to work off the work packages.

  • In which logical order the work packages have to be executed?
  • Which work package can be work off in parallel?
  • Which capacity and schedule requirements needed to work off the unique work packages?

Project Schedule Planing

In the project schedule plan records have to ensure when which work results have to be available from whom and this for each work package also the start and end dates. Additional, the responsible persons and the parties which are involved must be determined. Depending on the complexity, different instruments are suitable for the presentation.

Capacity Planing

Allocation of the required resources to the available employees, machines, and equipment. 

Costs Planing

The costs incurred per work package (material, external services, ext. Personnel, investments) are determined and displayed over the duration of the project. 


Capacity and cost planning closely linked; they must be considered and answered under the following questions:

  • If the available resources are not sufficient, the project deadline will be reduced by the time span exceeded (capacity-compliant scheduling).  
  • What additional resources must be used to meet the project deadline (on-time capacity planning)?
Only after this coordination can it be determined which additional amounts of resources possibly used are required to complete the project on time.

Project Total Costs

Summary of costs from capacity and cost planning: 

  • from cost planning, financial resources, 
  • from capacity planning, the valuation of items into money, i.e. conversion of personnel and operating costs into unit costs. 

Quality Plan

  • Specification of the quality and requirement of the service in kind to be provided. The description shall allow a clear measurement of the result.  
  • The basis of quality can be standards.