is confident regarding its professionalism, experience and expertise and feels that the development of long-term relationships with its clients can only be mutually beneficial.

    We work with clients to ensure a customized plan that takes into account business objectives, fiscal constraints, long-term goals, the IT growth and equipment.

Our Story

DSNCON is an independent consultancy, project -planning and -management company committed in providing expert management and IT-business assessment to there clients all over the globe.

Customers have a right to expect management consultants, regardless of their field of expertise, to be sensitive to human relationships and processes and to improve companies "ability" to solve future and present problems.

The Mission

As experienced consultants on management and working level, DSNCON is committed in conducting event assessments, project planning and management until operations on a worldwide basis and devise individually tailored solutions for our clients. DSNCON’s wealth of experience and expertise allows DSNCON to create state-of-the-art projects for clients, which not only meet the latest requirements, but create systems of high efficiency and sustainability for years to come.

Our Services

Knowing why our customers are satisfied with our services is critical to our business success. Transparency with our customers about our business practices, billing and communication will go a long way to building trust and making them happy.

Network Optimization

Due to growing business needs, new applications and technologies are being introduced into the network, which can lead to a significant decline in network performance and reliability. Without optimizing your network, your business runs the risk of experiencing problems that point to its IT ecosystem: poor Wi-Fi connections, overloaded storage and remote employees unable to access software and do their jobs.

Datacenter Services

As a result, more and more companies are relying on managed services to cope with the high burdens on managed services. Before you take the step, you should understand how to manage what makes business sense from sources such as the cloud and managed service. When you migrate or purchase infrastructure and IT services, you need to be flexible enough to meet changing business needs.

Event Preparation

As the complexity of your project grows, so do the stakes. You need to know what's coming and when. That's why you need Event Preparation. Event Preparation helps you stay on top of your projects with a clear view of what needs to be done and when. Built for projects with deadlines, this tool enables you to schedule and collaborate on all aspects of the project life cycle, from defining objectives and milestones, to tracking tasks

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, or DR for short, is the short process of restoring access to data, applications and functionality of IT infrastructure following a disruptive event such as a cyber attack, natural or man-made disaster or human error. It includes procedures, policies and processes to prepare organizations to recover from natural or man-made disasters and ensure continuity of business operations. Disaster recovery is a method by the organization to restore access to the functionality of its IT infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster, cyberattack or business disruption.

Security Audits

Weighing up your current security structure and protocols will help you define standards for your organization and audit results. Audit Information Security covers topics such as physical security audit, data center audit, logical security and databases, highlighting key components and examining different methods of audit in each of these areas. We also provide audit services that meet audit standards, policies and best practices to help your organization ensure that your IT and business systems are protected and controlled. 

Growth Planing

A growth plan is not only a goal for the future of your company, but also a strategy that you implement to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Marketing, growth strategy and IT strategy all play a major role in how you achieve your growth goals, but they do not form your growth plan itself. In short, a growth plan should be one aspect your company goes through to achieve its business goals.

Our Clients

We focus on the overall needs of our customers, not a big deal. We will continue to work together with our customers and with you through digital channels, offering advice, workshops and strategy sessions to ensure that you get the full value you deserve from us.